Here’s what people we’ve helped have said about us…
Roberta Scott says…
I have always thought of you as "The Best Of The Best!'
[ 31.01.2023 ]
Sarah Trant says…
I have been "looked after" by team Dunrobin Auto for over 20 years. I have had nothing but gold-plated service, courtesy and friendliness from them. I would recommend them as the best auto service ever, *anywhere*!
[ 27.05.2022 ]
Allan Jarvo says…
Great service at great rates! Coming here for years!
[ 27.05.2022 ]
Alan Fleming says…
Always great service! Thanks
[ 19.05.2022 ]
Shawn Gill says…
We are long time residents of the Dunrobin area and have patronized Dunrobin Auto for 30 years to maintain our two autos.

In recent years we have begun patronage of Bourk's for winter/summer tire changes. Not because we have no room to store wheels, but because, with age, the wheels have become too heavy to shift.

If you ever initiate a wheel storage program - please let us know.

Thank you Shawn, we're working on it!
[ 03.05.2022 ]
Rick Welch says…
Great Service, Fair Prices.
[ 25.03.2022 ]
Beverly Grover says…
Highly Recommend (Highly)!
Pleasant and accomodating staff!
Good deal on my snow tires!
[ 23.03.2022 ]
Kail Carruthers says…
Great service, fair prices. Helps out in a pinch!
[ 15.03.2022 ]
Vicki Wallace says…
Have been coming here for 20 years. Multiple cars and vans. Service is always fair, honest, reliable. I tell everyone to come here, even family from GTA comes to get their vehicles cared for by these great people. Thanks Dunrobin Auto!
[ 08.03.2022 ]
Janet Peterkin says…
Great people, always helpful. Great job.
[ 07.02.2022 ]
Leah Charron says…
I have been bringing my cars since the late 1990's. I have alway received fair and quality service. Several times over the years their team going above and beyond. Thank you Dunrobin Auto for all you've done.
[ 02.02.2022 ]
Gordon Rombough says…
Best service and people that care. Also great prices!
[ 08.01.2022 ]
Ron Baird says…
My windshield wipers were not working and it was snowing. Scott analyzed and determined the wiper motor had died! A new motor was delivered and installed. Excellent service by Scott. I highly recommend him to anyone. I will re-attend for future work!
[ 28.12.2021 ]
Dwight du Manoir says…
Service was fast, efficient, courteous.
[ 18.10.2021 ]
Richard Stone says…
Have been a client for a decade. The reason, forthright answers to how to fix my cars. Advise on how to manage repair costs. Lastly, everyone treats you like a friend.
[ 11.10.2021 ]
Ralph Rinne says…
Simply the best service centre anywhere. Skilled, friendly staff. Honest and reasonably priced. Long time happy camper!
[ 25.10.2021 ]
Angele Richard says…
Amazing service! Always satisfied, great prices. Such a professional team.
[ 28.12.2015 ]
Roberta Scott says…
To find an honest garage can be scary. When I first met Carrol, I asked her if she was honest and she said yes. Easy to say, but not hard to prove. I respect her and her crew. She, as well as her crew have and only give respect to one and all. Thank you.
[ 17.11.2015 ]
Sean O'Keefe says…
Thank you very much. As I have said before, I am very happy with the quality of service, price, and convenience of Dunrobin Auto.
[ 16.11.2015 ]
John H. Lacasse says…
I have had many repairs on my Chevy vans at Dunrobin Auto and always received friendly, satisfied service. I also had a wheel alignment which was done properly for a reasonable price. Great employees and owner.
[ 07.10.2015 ]
Trish St. Croix says…
I've used Dunrobin Auto for quite a few years now because I trust them with my vehicle. They always do their best, they are professional and trustworthy. They treat their customers with respect. Thanks guys for the great service.
[ 08.09.2015 ]
Tyler Graham says…
Trustworthy, honest shop that will go out of their way to save you money and went above and beyond any shop I've ever dealt with.
[ 02.09.2015 ]
Dr. Richard Shipman says…
I wish to relate the experience that I had as a customer of Dunrobin Auto. I had used their services for some years mainly for changing Summer to Winter tires and vice versa and had always noted the willingness of the staff to take me home if they could not work on my car straight a way. This year I asked if they could help me with a much more complex problem, returning an old car to the road after 30 years in storage. I expected difficulties as that make and model had never been seen by the staff before. Also much of the previous work done by myself (a rank amateur) had been done to the car 45 years previously, when I had very limited resources and much of the work was poorly done. Carrol and her staff included me in the process over several weeks, rewiring virtually the whole car, fixing all the maladies in the fuel system from the tank to the carburator, finding tires and experts who could do unusual restorations, (eg stove enamelling wire wheels) and getting it running and roadworthy. During the process I felt included in decision-making and the charges were reasonable. I learned a lot. The friendships that have developed between Carrol, her staff and myself I count as very valuable.
Now I choose to have the servicing of my regular modern car done by Dunrobin Auto which is:
1) more convenient
2) avoids unnecessary work that the dealer would do because of beaurocratic schedules.
3) Is done with hourly rates much less than at the dealership.
4) I get to speak with the mechanic both before and after the work is done.
5) I appreciate the advice I get on things that will need to be done in the future.
Dr. Richard Shipman
218 Bayview Dr. Constance Bay
[ 24.09.2015 ]
Ian Thurston says…
Just a short note to say how happy I am that we found Dunrobin Auto 9 years ago when we moved to Constance Bay. It is a pleasure dealing with experienced and professional people. I have noticed that the technicians, Scott and Phil, stay up to date with the trade industry changes.

I would also commend Dunrobin Auto with always having an apprentice on board. Being a former automotive technician myself, I appreciate that you people encourage the automotive trade. I could only wish that other businesses would also be involved with this trade in this fashion.

Almost everything that has been done is on time and priced right. The only problem we had once was a defective new part over which you had no control.

I would strongly recommend Dunrobin Auto to anyone.

Keep up the Great Work.

All the best.
[ 31.08.2015 ]
Mark Gonyer says…
Mark Gonyer Roofing uses Dunrobin Auto exclusively as we have been loyal customers for about 13 to 15 years. I get my company vans, pick up trucks and my personal vehicles in for oil changes to front end work and brakes, or anything else that can go wrong. As I once had tried to use another source for service to see the difference, I did that once and I won’t do that again. Dunrobin Auto has diagnosed many a small and large problem and also have completed repairs on time and on budget, and as a contractor, I need my vehicles on the road making my business better, and not stuck on the shop floor, costing me money. Any small lighting problems like turn signals or trailer lights, they usually repair as I wait and that is extremely valuable. After trying other garages in the past, I have been extremely happy with the professional work and consulting I recieve on an ongoing basis for my business. Time is money, and that is why I would highly recomend DUNROBIN AUTO SERVICE, for all your vehicle repairs and maintenance, regards
[ 25.08.2015 ]
Dr. Peter B. Sewell says…
On moving to Crown Point from the Crystal Beach area I was anxious to find a reliable and friendly service for my 2 vehicles. I was pleased to find Dunrobin Auto where the staff has always found time to provide friendly, reliable and reasonably priced service and have been supportive in solving any minor or major problems I have had with vehicles over the past 18 years or so.

During this period I have had several different vehicles and all have been reliably serviced by Dunrobin Auto. Members of the staff are experienced, knowledgeable and efficient in identifying the needs of a vehicle and honest in estimating and providing service. I have had no hesitation in recommending them to my immediate family and several friends who now also benefit from the high quality service provided at Dunrobin Auto.
[ 25.08.2015 ]
Pat Breathet says…
Dunrobin Auto has been servicing my vehicles exclusively for at least the past 10 years. They consistently provide me with an honest assessment of what is required. They search for the best prices on parts and advise me when I can use after market parts and when manufacturers parts are the way to go. Dunrobin Auto provides individual service with honesty, integrity and at a very fair cost. I would recommend them without hesitation.
[ 21.08.2015 ]
Menon Balakrishnan says…
Thank you for the timely and most memorable auto service I have had in my whole life. Being in sales and marketing I tend to travel all over Ontario and sometimes Canada. I have been as far as Thunder Bay for work and had enough visits to the Mechanic / Auto shops. I must say compared to Toronto, most outstation locations tend to have better customer service and I have experienced it in North Bay once and in London. But the experience I had coming to your place of business put every other Auto Service to shame.

Your intentions to quickly assess the problem even though all your work stations were occupied and not make me wait for hours sipping on low grade coffee and read a year old Cosmopolitan which I am used to!! Your Service Tech - Scott, who was amazingly friendly and took time off his busy work to understand my concerns considering the fact the car stopped making the weird noise yet again like it always does when you take it for service. That Scott was able to find what the problem within a very short period of time, shows me that he is well experienced and knows what he is doing.

I have taken my car with regards to the same problem to two other very reputable/ famous organizations who will remain nameless, though one is the Car dealership itself!! They checked every where and came up clueless!

Your ability to order the part and fix it in such short notice baffles me and for not surprising me with additional expenses I am extremely obliged. I must say I was extremely surprised to see you call me at around 11:30 am to let me know the car was ready for pickup, considering the fact had just dropped the car the day prior well after 2:00pm.

The icing on the cake was when you offered to show me the broken/ faulty part. I only wish you were in Toronto. But I’m sure to have my car serviced by you every time I come to Ottawa from now on. I love my car and I know that my car has finally found the folks who can give her TLC!!!

I was trying comment on your web page but didn’t find a comments section so i decided to take some time off my vacation to appreciate the amazing service you and your team has provided me before I am overwhelmed with work.
[ 05.06.2015 ]